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Vasily Ponikarov was born on August 26, 1929 in the village of Dolynske in Odessa region. His childhood passed through the Second World War times. After completing 7 grades of school, he left his native village. When the War ended he continued his studies at A.S. Makarenko Tyraspol Pedagogical College (1947-1948), and then in M.B. Grekov Odessa School of Arts (1949-1958).

Vasily's teachers at the School of Arts were famous M.I. Zhuk, L.O. Muchnyk, L.O. Tokareve-Aleksandrovich. Discovering Vasily's talents, Leonid Muchnyk gave him a life-changing advice:

"You should paint in watercolors. I think it's your thing".

Ponikarov was called to military service after the first course of the college. He served in Yevpatoriia. The military unit where Vasily served appreciated the young artist's talent, and so he was in charge of all the visual propaganda. Because of his outstanding talent and the high appraisal of his artworks in the army, Vasily Ponikarov had served three years and a half instead of usual three years of military service. After the demobilization Vasily continued his studies at the same School of Arts in Odessa.

Three years after he graduated from the college, Vasily Ponikarov became a student of the Moscow institute of printing (1961-1970). In these years his teachers were Y.K. Burdzhelyan, B.A. Sholokhov, G.T. Goroshchenko.

K.M. Lomykin, N.A. Sheliuto, A.L Yakovlev recommended Vasily to enter the USSR Union of Artists, who noticed the significant increase of the Artist's skills after graduation from the institute. At that time Vasily Ponikarov already had a lot of artworks that were often exhibited in the USSR.

Since 1980, Vasily Ponikarov had created numerous paintings and graphics during his voyages all around the world on ship "Feodor Chaliapin", where he used to work as a staff artist. Eventually we can see his wonderful artworks from Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Germany and other beautiful corners of the world.