During Ponikarov`s long artistic journey, his works were exhibited in countless countries and cities, totaling to over 300 events. In the his museum in France , people still recall the bright and expressive paintings of “The Emperor of Sunflowers”, and his family still receives warm wishes to the artist, while his awards take up a whole room in his workshop.

Ponikarov`s name is well-known all over the globe, and his paintings have become a prized jewel of many museums in France, Italy, the US, Japan and other art capitals. His works always bring a fresh and bright mood to any exhibition.


His works are full of life and color, depict everyday objects and places, portraying them in a new light.

Ponikarov`s name is a golden standard of exceptional hard work and professionalism. Done in a sophisticated technique, his paintings bring to life what the prolific imagination of the artist had constantly shown to him.



Admired by the purity, kindness and energy embodied in the works of truly Watercolor Master. Several times visited the exhibition of Wassily Andreevich to enjoy the unique art of seeing the world, life. The sea in all moods, poppies as alive burn, sunflowers beckon, autumn is amazing in its beginning, still lifes, every work leaves a strong impression. Thank you very much for your creativity, huge and hard work, which brings so much joy and gives strength to people.

Violetta Valiyeva

The owner of "Art Violet Studio"
Having visited the exhibition of Wassiliy Andreevich Ponikarov, the technique and the number of works presented were very impressive. Many thanks for the colorful life!

Alex Ilvakhin

Thank you for the magnificent paintings! Wonderful watercolors, Wonderful Man! I admire the Master and his Works!

Lesya Chekaryuk

The world's largest collection of works by the Honored artist of Ukraine, watercolor master Vasily Ponikarov. His works give us beauty and joy!

Elena Moskalenko

Self employed
Today as curator of the International watercolor museum in Fabriano I received the visit and gift from the collection of Ukranian artist Vasily Ponikarov to enrich our Museum. We are very pleased and honoured

Anna Massinissa

Curator of the International Museum of Watercolor (Fabriano, Italy)

Yves Mouden Art collector from France

My name is Yves Mouden. i am an art collector.

In 1991 i met Vasiliy Ponikarov in Paris. he showed me his paintings and i
understood that i met an excellent artist.

I visited him every year and started a collection of his paintings.

Ponikarov was a real personnality with huge culture in art. he was a
very strong man, and although he was 30 years older than me, he was
always helping me to carry my luggages :):): he was a very young man
and the age had no effect on him. every day until the age of 83 he was
in his workshop. a unique man.

The unique point with Ponikarov is that he has been painting for about
65 years, nearly every day and the huge quantity of work brought a
unique level of technique.

I am at complete disposal to show his paintings


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