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  廉江市飛躍塑料實業有限公司是自營進出口企業是粵西地區專業生產塑料容器的廠家,累積了三十多年的專業經驗,廠房面積15000多平方米,擁有先進的生產設備和雄厚的技術力量。奉行“服務社會、質量第一、顧客至上”的經營宗旨,采用先進的科學工藝和進口原料.生產的0.5升-250升食品塑料瓶, 桷, 油 罐、飲料瓶,藥瓶,化工瓶, PET瓶,盆等, 各種日用制品等系列產品,規格齊全,產品暢銷全國各地,質量符合國家標準。并發明三項中國專利產品, 和獲得國家食品塑料容器質量 安全生產“QS”許可證,  榮獲.中國著名品牌. 中國名優產品,  國家質量檢測合格產品,  廣東省著名品牌, 和廣東省名優產品稱號, 贏得客戶的信賴和社會各界的贊譽。


Guangdong lianjiang leap plastic industrial co., LTD is the self-management import and export enterprise is the yuexi region specializing in the production of plastic container manufacturer, has accumulated more than 30 years of professional experience, workshop area more than 15000 square meters, has advanced production equipment and strong technical force.Adherence to the "service society, quality first, customer first" business purposes, the use of advanced science and technology and imported raw materials. The production of 0.5-250 litres, food plastic Jue, oil cans, bottles, medicine bottles, chemical bottles, PET bottles, POTS, etc., all kinds of daily-use products, etc. Series of products, complete specifications, the products sell well all over the country, quality meet the national standards.And three Chinese invention patent product, and obtains the national food plastic containers "QS" the quality and safety production license, won. The Chinese famous brand. Chinese famous quality products, the national quality inspection qualified product, famous brand in guangdong province, and the title of famous quality products of guangdongprovince, to win customers trust and praise from all walks of life.